Donate Through Venmo

We appreciate all the financial support that has been received to support the church and missions. You can now give your financial support to Central from your phone or tablet through the VENMO system.  Here are brief instructions on how to set up your VENMO account.


Setting Up VENMO:

  • Download one of Venmo's mobile apps: iOS or Android

  • Open Venmo, sign-up and enter your email, phone number, code, and create your username and password

  • Once you receive an email or text, confirm to verify your email and phone number. (Without a verified mobile phone number, you will not be able to transfer funds to your bank account or send/request payments.)

  • Enter your bank account information.

  • Using Venmo is free and there is no fee to the church when paying directly from your bank.

Giving Your Offering (Pay):

  • Enter the Central Church Venmo email: centralchurchgiving@gmail.com.

  • Type the amount.

  • Below that, you can enter what the offering is for, such as, Sunday Offering, Special, Missions, Building Fund, etc.

  • Click "Pay" to give the offering.

You can always continue to give on Sunday morning


by mailing your offering to the church at

8237 Kenton, Skokie, IL 60076

Contact Doris Bloom for more information (djbloom@att.net)