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About Our Church

Our church is...

Covid-19 Safety based on

"Safe Return Protocol":

  • "Safe Return Protocol"


The congregation of Skokie CUMC is:

  • intergenerational

  • multicultural

  • welcoming and inclusive of all people regardless of age, race, ethnicity, status, gender, or sexual orientation

The Sanctuary is:

  • accessible for all people 

  • accessible full-sized elevator 

  • vibrant with reflecting stained-glass windows

  • heated and air-conditioned 

Community Outreach

The Central congregation has participated in a range of community activities, from environmental cleanup to developing resilient social and emotional supports for children. All this is done with Jesus in our hearts and minds. We seek to help our community grow in love.

Skokie Central UMC also has shared agreements with various local organizations.  For more information about a shared space agreement please email the office at:

Our History

Niles Center Community Church was the first name of our church when it was first started in 1923 in the Bronx Building on Dempster Street.

In 1930 the Church moved to the Log Cabin on Concord Lane. The community church changed its name and became Central United Methodist Church. The Log Cabin was used for services and Sunday school until 1953. 

The current church building was completed in 1953 and church services moved to the new building.

The radiant Nativity Window located over the altar was the first stained glass window in the church.  This stained-glass window depicts the gift of God’s love through the birth of the Christ child—truly the Word becoming flesh.

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